Jain Postal Stamp



Jain Postal Stamp

18/10/1929 – Girnar (issued by Saurashtra State-Part of India before Independence)

The first stamp on Jainism was issued in India by Saurashtra State, a part of India before Independence on October 18, 1929. This three pies stamp bears a view of Girnar Hills where 23rd Jain Thirthankara Neminath Bhagwan had attained Nirvana. Girnar is an important Jain pilgrimage centre. Indian Government issued first stamp on Jainism on May 6, 1935 bearing Sheetalnath Jain Temple of Calcutta.

06/05/1935 – Bhagwan Sheetalnath Jain Temple, Calcutta

On May 6, 1935 Indian Government issued first stamp on Jainism depicting Sheetalnath Jain Temple of Calcutta (now Kolkata) which was constructed in the year 1868 A.D. It is famous for its artistic patch work with colored mirror-glass pieces and enamel on its walls and ceiling. This one & quarter Anna stamp was part of a set of four stamps of temples and shrines issued to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George V’s regime.

Jain Postal Stamp & Postal Cover15/08/1949 – Shatrunjay Temple, Palitana

A stamp worth Rs.15/- depicting the Shatrunjaya Temple of Palitana (Gujarat) was issued on 15th August 1949. It is first Thirthankara Bhagwan Rishabhnath’s temple built in the year 1618 A.D. and famous for its excellent fine carvings and architecture. This stamp was part of first archeological definitive series of 16 stamps.

2 - Jain Postal Stamp & Postal Cover15/02/1960 – Sant Thiruvallavar

130/12/1972 – Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai (Famous Jain Atomic Scientist)

World renowned nuclear and space scientist of India Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai was the first Jain dignitary honored by the Government of India by issuing a stamp on his first death anniversary on 30th December 1972. This 20 paisa stamp was issued showing him with his ROHINI rocket and a dove. He was the father of India’s space programmer.

13/11/1974 – Bhagwan Mahavir 2500th Nirwaan Anniversary(Pawapuri Jal Mandir)

On the occasion of 2500th Nirvana Anniversary of Bhagwan Mahaveer, a stamp worth 25 paisa was issued on 13th November 1974. The stamp depicted the lake temple Jal-Mandir of Pavapuri (Bihar) where Bhagwan Mahaveer attained Nirvana, the salvation.

10/01/1975 – World Hindi Convention(image of Goddess Saraswati)

On the occasion of World Hindi Convention, a stamp was issued on January 10, 1975 and on the occasion of World Telgu Conference another stamp was issued on April 12, 1975. Both these stamps depict the photograph of the attractive 12th century image of Goddess Saraswathi. This idol was taken from a Jain Temple in village Palloo, District Bikaner and presently exhibited is National Museum, New Delhi.

812/04/1975 – World Telugu Conference(image of Goddess Saraswati)

27/07/1978 – Kachchh/Kutch Mueseum (piece from Old Jain Temple)

A 25 paisa stamp was issued on 27th July 1978 under the `Treasures of Museum’ series on Kutch Museum showing an ancient wood carving of a mythological Airawat elephant. This beautiful piece wood carving was taken out from an ancient Jain temple of Gujarat and is now exhibited in Kutch Museum.

09/02/1981 – Gomateshwara Bahubali 1000th Anniversary, Sravanabelgola

Bhagwan Bahubali was son of Thirthankara Bhagwan Rishabhadev. A 58 feet high idol of Bahubali called Gomateshwar was erected by the Chamundaraya, a royal minister, on the top of a 300 feet high hill at Shravanbelgola (Karnataka) in the year 981 A.D. The idol is one of the wonders of the world attracting tourists from all over the world. On the occasion of the millennium year celebrations of the idol, a one rupee stamp was released on 9th February 1981 by Indian Postal Department.